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An enterprise content management process should obviously include a global dimension. Large multi-national companies ship products to many countries and therefore deliver product-related information to many local target audiences. The adaptation of content to local audiences is critical to the whole product lifecycle and content management process.

The key difference between content management and global content management is the ability to efficiently handle the process of adapting content from one source market into another target locale.
Unfortunately, many companies roll out a content management strategy without thinking through the "global" dimension of content management. They make the mistake of tackling the global dimension of content management in phase two, after their initial business processes and systems have been designed and deployed.
They assume that if the content authoring process is defined, the translation and localization process is a simple add-on.

Also, headquarters is typically responsible for content management, but the countries are typically the ones who best understand the issues in adapting content to local markets. But treating the global dimension of content management as an afterthought is often a costly mistake.

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